Enterprise Trade Management

Configuration Management trading company in Ukraine (in Ukraine TSS) – a functional solution that makes it easier management processes and accounting for companies that provide the full range of of the company. Everyone knows that the tss solves a problem, modern management, accounting, and the problem of tax accounting, human resources, payroll employees, Analysis and Planning from trading operations, training, any statements that, in turn, provides a quick solution to problems of governance, a modern, successful commercial enterprise. Manage sales now for Ukraine 'helps automate the process of product sales organization, both in retail and wholesale sales. System Configuration 'TSS for Ukraine', also has a module for planning and control processes Sales to automate the tasks of regulation orders customers and partners. Also in the 1C: tss connect unique type of trade and shipping products from the warehouse, on request, also trade on credit, or after deposit, the sale of goods on commission, the transfer for the implementation of the mediator. Functional solution usp for Ukraine includes separate modules: Sales management; Sales planning; Order Management buyers; Pricing; Procurement; retail management and connection of commercial equipment; Managing relationships with customers and suppliers; Warehouse Management; Banking and cash transactions; Accounting for fixed assets; Personnel management and accounting salaries; Accounting for production; Accounting; Tax records, etc..

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