Electromechanical Bending

What else should I look for when bending tool selecting a model? Here is an example: If you are using a manual tube bender, no doubt, it is convenient in terms of transportation, because it does not weigh too much. The advantages of electric drive bending tool also evident: in this If you get the opportunity to pursue a flexible large-diameter pipes, among other things, these models are characterized by more benders and high performance. If you face the problem of small manufacturing plants and you need to process copper and thin-walled tube – manual bender is exactly what you need. If you have to install or mount a variety of sorts communication networks – gas, water, heating, etc., be sure to use your mobile hand-bender because it is such a model will make it possible to bend the pipe in the place of their installation. Several words on the electric drive bending tool: the main field of application is the bending of large diameter pipes. The advantages of these models should be attributed, and certainly sufficient performance. With data you can get benders bending workpieces up to 180 , and will show no defects in the pipe, such as crimp or kink. It should be noted that users prefer Electromechanical bending tool CNC, which are characterized by the possibility of programming several coordinates.

Particular attention must be paid in this case, the rotation bending head (carriage), bending rotation plane, as well as regulation of feeding tubes. The advantages of CNC must include above all: a high accuracy (up to 0.1 mm, 0,1 ), the lack of same – high cost and long payback period equipment. Summing up the usual tube bender can greatly simplify the lives and expand possibilities in the most unexpected areas. Thus, the bending can be successfully applied not only in laying water pipes, but also for production of outdoor advertising, registration of cars, different socio necessary equipment (rehabilitation beds, exercise equipment, swings, fences, etc.). Almost every frame construction allows make a bender – he just designed to perform such work. And of course no substitute bender in housing and communal services – from maintenance to buildings and facilities and playgrounds pridvorovyh territories.

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