Efficient Communication

The management of the communications in projects will disponibilizar to the manager a source, enter the involved people in the project with the information to be disponibilizadas. To manage the expectations of the interested people stakeholders or interested people in the project creates hopes with regard to the same, that the project if concludes without has problems, that is, successfully, surpassing all the expectations how much the quality criteria, fulfilment of the cronograma, attendance of all the specifications. The PMI (2009, p.217), says that ' ' to manage the expectations of the interested people is the process of communication and interaction with the interested people to take care of to its necessities and to solve the questions to the measure that ocorrerem' '. The human being is not a machine and feelings as it envies, hatred and pride can yes influence these expectations, making with that its action makes it difficult the work of the manager of projects who is to guarantee that the project reach the success. ' ' With the forecast of the reaction of the people to the project, it is possible to adopt injunctions to get its support or to minimize the negative impacts in potencial' '.

(PMI, 2009, P. 218) This type of management requires very well-taken care of, therefore the expectations of the interested people are to know to act to obtain to get the necessary support so that the objectives of the project are reached. This demands that if it keeps all brought up to date the project as well as the planning of the communications, so that with this if keeps a document brief with the situation of the project. Plan of Efficient Communication the strategical communication of a company thus registering the positioning of the company composing a combination enters the identity of the company, the image that the company has before the market, proposal of value materialized by means of its products and services.

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