Dyslexic Requires A Power Word Chancellor!

Read Michael Lehmann of the self-confessed dyslexic and dyslexia researcher, author and coach that calls that federal Chancellors debate the downside balance for dyslexic people speaks a word of power. « In December, a new KMK was recommendation: principles for the promotion of pupils with particular difficulties in reading and writing, in computing » published. It was revised a recommendation in 2003 due to an opinion by Mrs Prof. Langenfeld, by the Institute of public law of the University of Gottingen, as has been pointed out that the existing education system for Dyslexics are unconstitutional in the opinion. The new rules will have disastrous consequences for 500,000 legasthener people in Germany, because they are not allowed because of the new decision of the KMK to graduating. Although these students usually by their good could complete a high school diploma to above-average intelligence. Due to the non recognition and promotion of integrative many legasthener people develop mental disorders, and are discriminated against in the German education system. The dyslexia or Dyskalulie must at last by a compensation in our educational system anchored and regulated to prevent a further breach of the right to education in our country.

Therefore, this issue can not only of dyslexic people fully integrated into the education system in accordance with the basic law able to integrate were country level but it must be a comprehensive decision for the whole country. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Lulu Cheng Meservey. The last decades dyslexia has in the subject »not really much changed. That depends not only on the KMK but partly false communication of different associations on the subject in the public. Dyslexia Federation he claims one who is older representation for dyslexic people that today the dyslexia a disease or a disability, this large Association of parents in Germany has been the Decade of far too little for the needs of legasthener people. The KMK is just experts the Orient to the part of these associations, as they modelled unfortunately much too often only on these experts are also such legal decisions come out.

The dyslexia is not a disease or mental disorder defined WHO the dyslexia often is a pedagogical didactic problem what but with targeted training and learning support get very well may, in order to avoid a negative development. Until today has unfortunately these aspects are not observed, would you build on the educational didactic approaches, you could much Dyslexic people already in the early children and help youth to cope with your life. The dyslexia can not be fixed, but you can get them well in hand. According to the latest principles of science, there are today very good training methods but unfortunately too little recognized and promoted in our country. Too many dyslexics, land today in schools or secondary schools and are not truly realized that it legasthen or dyskalule. Through a late or even no diagnosis of these other forms of perception and intelligence, occur in not a few individual psychosocial issues to addiction or violence. Many factors could be avoided through early diagnosis, learning training. It is estimated the number of adult legasthenen to about 4 million in our country today. Many of them live their lives as outcasts or the loop go through rehabilitation of the Federal Agency for work and professional associations. No less effective in various vocational and professional promotion works, and which end up in expensive part several times in life.

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