This attitude creates favorable conditions for the development of activities of research in the classroom, that is, to educate for the research. Being that in this context it is needed an enabled professor, who is in constant learning and above all he interacts with the system of education and to its social necessities, therefore is essential that the exercise of the education professional is constituted of a deep formation, critical, so that it can follow the transformations that if impose in the context of the society. The challenging situations, however place, it immersed in a complex, alive scene and changeable, facing individual and group problems, but the success of the professional depends on its capacity of manejar the complexity and deciding practical problems, being necessary a reflective process to win the challenges that if present in practical its. In this direction, it is observed that only a systematic and continued reflection is capable to promote the formadora dimension of the practical one. The development of this approach for the necessity is justified thus to locate the educational work in way to the necessities of innovations for which it passes education, in an evident concern in prioritizing the use of the educational technology as scientific bedding of organization and interpretation of the world contemporary.

Therefore, when structuralizing its proposal pedagogical, using digital technology, the necessary professor to establish bonds with the pupils, to know its interests, to know what the pupil already knows what he does not know and what he would like to know. To motivate the same to be part of the proposal pedagogical, placing it along with what he will be boarded and to invite to contribute it.

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