Description And Overview Of Samsung S3850 Corby 2

More features for the money you want to get all the necessary modern-touch touch phone at an affordable price? Then buy Samsung S3850 Corby II. This new phone is constructing advantage predecessor in the square. Perfect balance of price / functionality. Now, for the same money at your disposal will be the fastest wireless technology, and improved 3 megapixel camera and a solid screen. Hurt and appearance, stylish, bright solution allows stand out from the crowd of gray-tone 'tubes'. 3.2 'capacitive screen, as you like smart phones serious way to control the iPhone? You want the phone to realize the team with a light touch, and do not have the power to put pressure on screen, in the hope that the press will not be false? Then the Samsung S 3850 Corby2 will not disappoint you. After all, it is equipped with 3.2 inch QVGA screen, performed on a capacitive technology, which means all of the above applies to him in full.

Through excellent color rendering (16 million displayable colors), the picture on the display pleases alive with bright colors. Sverhudobny proprietary interface TouchWiz widgets and What a pleasure to give commands the device when it is not necessary to use sniping ability when released into the label or letter on the virtual keyboard. Corporate TouchWiz UI is optimized so that each button itself literally go under the fingers. And for maximum convenience, you can configure desktops at its discretion. One of them you can put your favorite contacts, on the other – shortcuts to key applications, and the next – a variety of widgets.

With the latter we can obtain relevant weather reports, news social networks (there are some clients to work with Facebook, Twitter, etc.), listen to radio and music. High-speed wireless technologies are available to all used the prerogative of the new high-speed interfaces, Wi-Fi 'n' and Bluetooth 3.0 are top, expensive machines. Samsung S3850 Corby two breaks market, offering these features is much cheaper! Now you can transfer data at speeds of entirely new. For example, the speed between two devices with Bluetooth 3.0 is 24 Mbit / sec. In the appendage an opportunity to connect to the router settings in one touch, to do this press on the router, as well as to activate a similar button in the menu of the device (WPA SecureEasySetup). Have not gone away and the standard 'features' – FM radio support for microSD memory cards and standard 3.5 mm audio jack. Never touch phone did not work as long 26 days! That's how much can stretch Corby second standby time from a single battery charge. A long-running conversation may last nearly 10 hours. It would seem that a large touch screen is simply obliged to spend a lot of energy. But South Korean engineers were able to reduce engorgement phone to record levels, and now you can safely use the phone as usual to 4-5 days. Emotional removable panels Unique removable panels Samsung GT-S3650 Corby prompt you 2 original style, emphasize individuality and help you express your most vivid emotions. You can choose any one socket, which most reflects your worldview, or to change the look of the phone like a glove, adjusting it for your mood or clothing. Included are three different rear- panel, plus you can buy them separately, since there are plenty to choose from. Corby Buy 2, you can shop online and mobile phone accessories –

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