Protest action the DWanda « Living artist against the shift of your category in the Department » and once again breaks on DWanda shows a protest action on a unique solidarity not only among artists, but among all the platform vendors. What is at stake? The shift of the entire category of art and paper in the resort « living ». Must art are always on the wall? Is art basically something to do with living? The DWanda say no, artists who were previously able to offer your works in a separate category. David Ignatius contributes greatly to this topic. For the planned relaunch of the platform was communicated well, that moves the category « Art and paper » in the resort « Living » in the future. However, the artists who make up a considerable part of the individuality and charm of the website now defend themselves. They are supported by many other vendors, that more and more the individual platform see, in favour of commercialism and co. Bobby kotick is often quoted on this topic. DWanda has become in the last few months several times with rebellious sellers apart

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