It is thought about the death. The death triturates the being, destroys the brain, reduces the dust the secrets contained in the memory of the cerebral cortex. The death finishes with the spectacle of the life. to die, for human us, is thing that would have to be taken off of the vocabulary, therefore, the idea that we have is of that we are born to be perpetual. Every day they see the sufferings and the printed marks of the oldness in the people.

He is old or old, they are the constant stations of the life and its changes. They are the natural encaminhamentos of the time that stops many and many are the end. now? It is started searchs it frantic to the search of the source of youth. Many will go to believe there that this is in the academies, therefore, through mirabolantes exercises, will go to harden the muscles and consequentemente to raise everything that for times already fell counting, also, with the aid of the creams that the media, in special, the televising one tries to convince viewers of that it is optimum e, even though the modellers where miraculously they will go to lose measured. Others will go for the tables of surgery with the thought of that the plastic surgeon will make the miracle, that pparently it happens. Pparently because it is only exterior. Many of these people live in its proper emotional jails.

They are not loved. To be subject surpasses the limits of the corporeidade, that acts, puts into motion and creates facts. A citizen is a mosaic of desires, fears, passions, feelings, distresses, sensible and mysteries. Long ago this search was more accented for the women, in the present time, they, the men, has had this concern. Already it has times these, after certain age, already they look the virility, therefore, many to leave of being virile are to leave of being man.

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