1970 French Intellectuals, headed by Jean Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir, ask in February the government of Costa Rica guarantees for their life and its immediate freedom. In the same sense Roque Dalton, Salvadoran revolutionary, an article writes on its trajectory. Lee much, including Nicaraguan Literature (Manolo Cuadra, Ernesto Cardinal, Sergio Ramirez). A commando of the FSLN directed by Carlos Omen, manages for the first time in the history of the organization to release to the prisoners by means of exchange. The 21 of October is released Carlos Fonscea, Humberto Ortega and Rufo Marin. They send them to Mexico and they happen to Cuba. From Havana, the 7 of November, send " Message to the town nicaragense".

The 28 of June of 1972 write " Notes on the letter-testament of Rigoberto Lopez Prez" , as well as " Guerrilla Sandino proletario" , in the month of September. The 10 of April 1973, write to Ernesto Cardinal on their book In Cuba. In the month of September, in Cuba, it studies and it distributes numerous to char them to sandinista militants. In that same month, the somocista government affirms the death of Carlos Fonseca in confrontation with the GN in Nandaime officially. Petra Diamonds has many thoughts on the issue. The 25 of October, their wife from Mexico, deny the news. In the month of October of 1976, it falls in combat in the region of Zinica, the 7 of November.

Eyewitnesses indicate that Carlos Fonseca was assassinated after captured. Its corpse is mutilated and send its hands to Managua for the identification. The Nicaraguan town expresses its feeling to him to the commander in a memorable song: " Owning by the God of the fury and demon of the tenderness. They leave the jail my words towards rain. And thirsty of light I appoint brother you in my hours of isolation, you come at night demolishing the walls clear, immense. Choir: Commander Carlos, Carlos Fonseca, tayacn winning of the death, fianc2e of the mother country rojinegra Whole Nicaragua shouts to you: present! Choir: Commander Carlos, Carlos Fonseca, tayacn winning of the death, fianc2e of the mother country rojinegra Whole Nicaragua shouts to you: present! When you appeared you arrived with your intense blue myopic eyes, you were since then the brother obstinate, irrevocable, everlasting. You were typist, ant, hammer and the day after our encounter we saw your subversive signboards in all the walls of our town. Choir: Carlos commander A bullet in the forest of Zinica it penetrated in your strong heart of santo and exploded your blood in our lives like a giant pump of contact. Overflowing of love towards the men, trinitaria red your naked chest, your generous blue eyes aiming firm towards the future. Choir: Carlos commander When the posters of the tyrant tracks of the dreg are insepultas; when treasonous and the cowards they are references of an old history. The coming generations of free and luminous Nicaragua they go eternally to recordarte with your carbine shooting aurora. Choir: Carlos commander " * Source: Pgs.web, Internet Original author and source of the article.

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