Critical Activity

To make possible Critical Ensino and not mere expositivo. A Creative and Critical presentation of the problems, the theories and the arguments of the Philosophy. To place the Students in contact with the ideas of the great Classic and modern Philosophers. To help the Students to read some classic texts of the Philosophy. Many objective tests serve for other components curricular, a time that the learning is to interdisciplinar.

What it goes to guarantee the construction of the knowledge on the part of the pupil they are the selected strategies of education. The professor can be tedious or synthetic, in the case of the Philosophy he suggests that he is synthetic not to distract the Student with a tedious speech, because everything what the students need is to have a simplified idea of the great philosophical ideas. The study of any Disciplina one becomes for successive deepenings. The student who if to interest, for example, for Aesthetic will verify that she has not to say on the presented problems, theories, and arguments; but he will have then the elementary instruments and slight knowledge that will allow it to deepen its study. We take the serious one to the idea of that the Philosophy is a Critical Activity. The objective is not to make the student to decorate ideas and words, but yes to form a personal and critical position before the problems, the theories and the arguments of the Philosophy. Clearly that to be able to make it it will have to know to formulate with severity the studied problems, theories and arguments; they will have that to formulate its ideas. I was looked therefore to give to the students the instruments that will allow them to assume this Critical attitude. in all the tasks is good for interpellating the student, inviting it to take it a position. Position of the student competes to the professor evaluating not it, but the way as the bedding (ALMEIDA ET al., 2003).

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