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The healing properties of the thermal waters are known for thousands of years: the thermal baths, which were public buildings and among the city’s venues are an example. The Roman baths contained different rooms: frigidarium, tepidarium and Calidarium. The frigidarium was the part of the baths, where they took baths in cold water in swimming pools, usually rectangular, directed to the North and a few Windows were to avoid heating by the Sun as possible. « After the frigidarium gear you in the Caldarium, where the temperature was moderate and slightly warmed by drafts, which under the ground, by the Suspensure » was lifted, waved. The Suspensure’ were small columns of tiles, where the floor was lifted, and that allowed the air flow. Finally gear in the Calidarium, where the temperature was probably about 50 C: we can say that it was the part of the sauna. It was facing South to take advantage of the warmth of the Sun, and was by the Suspensure, such as the Caldarium, and through the walls warmed.

The Romans had the habit of water add perfume and flavored wines and fragrant oils for massages to used to perfume the skin and to lead, how to make modern saunas, where you use often aromatic Woods, and during the massages, where fragrant oils, like in the old days, used their moisture. The Roman baths had a social, hygienic and medical task, and the modern thermal baths have approximately the same goals: they are a meeting place, but above all serve to cleanse the body of impurities, which he will take through the smog, and rheumatic, limbs pains and breathing problems, be they temporary or chronic, to maintain. Limbs – and bone pain, mud therapy is very good: the slurry is applied at a temperature between 40 and 45 C, then be served drinks, to make up for the loss of minerals as a result of sweating, and at the end you take baths in the Thermal water and to do massages. The thermal baths are very useful for post-operative and post-traumatic rehabilitation: its healing properties are especially beneficial in these cases as well as in cases of rheumatism. Spa treatments can follow inhalation therapy or balneotherapy, usually accompanied by massage, and are useful for the treatment of limbs -, muscular and respiratory diseases and disorders.

But there is also another area where the baths are useful: the relaxation. A couple of days at the Spa, or just a day, giving you the opportunity to immerse in the care of the body by eliminating the daily worries and problems with a pleasant care of the body, which is also an excellent anti-stress for the spirit. This article was written by Francesca Tessarollo with help from Hotel Terme Abano Terme. For more information, please visit wellness offers.

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