Corporate Transactions

However, SMEs have problems obtaining financing from banks merger and acquisition (M & A) transactions put back on in the middle class, particularly « Cross-Country » transactions, which shows the latest study from Frankfurt partner. « The reservations in the German SME market to M & A has been overcome and now has a similar maturity as the DAX M & A market », Rene Meister, was Managing Director of Frankfurt partner, firmly. « In the first quarter of 2011, there were 418 Cross-Country transactions which is a growth of 33 percent compared to the same quarter of the previous year. » « In the second quarter of 2011, there were 398 Cross-Country transactions which is a growth of 29 percent compared to the same quarter of the previous year. » The German medium-sized businesses trying to grow internationally to bring the company after the crisis in the global competition in the position. « Currently there are favorable acquisition opportunities in other European countries », Rene Meister says, « but many can not finance a takeover or merger from the cash flow or earnings. You must therefore to the Build financing by banks, however, many banks are unwilling to finance acquisitions. » The banks argue that the hands are tied, because they must meet the requirements of the Government and not take no chances.

Frankfurt partner SME survey on this subject clearly shows one-third of the respondents continue to feel that the banks the companies do not support the growth. « Before the crisis, it was easier to get funding from the banks, but now the banks have become more cautious, » says master. « So private equity will finance in the near future many of the acquisitions companies in the near future. » The know-how but lacks the most medium to deal with private equity firms. It is therefore important for these companies is a consultant with taking of an expert in this field on board. A niche supplier with expertise, industry experience and focus on the middle class can advise at all stages of a takeover often better than a big investment bank. He convinces with a tailor-made and personalised service – even when it comes to international M & A. Company Description Frankfurt partner (FP) is a German ManagementBeratung headquartered in Frankfurt.

FP advises Germany’s small – and medium-sized companies in the fields of business consulting, strategy, organization, mergers & acquisitions and corporate insolvency. FP supports companies from all industries with the aim of creating sustainable WettbewerbsVorteile and permanently increasing the performance of the company. In close partnership with the customer are goals defined and developed solutions along the entire value chain.

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