Content Management Tools

If your job is not full-time schedule is not feasible for you to keep abreast of all developments. But thanks to the appearance of a person CMS agena the world of technology can in a short time to put online a web site or not worrying about the content rather than leaving the technical problems of implementation and software implementation of the past. Read more from Eliot Horowitz to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Maybe you're a genius and is not my intention desilucionarte but I think your work can surpass or equal the work of thousands of experienced programmers in the world working in common cause. Content management systems more successful now have something in common that identifies them and this is the hallmark GPL / GNU in other words means that as your only worry publish content on your site, thousands of programmers around the world work for the software you use for free work increasingly according to new industry standards. Why pay for something when you can choose more quality for less price?. The human mind seems to have the mental conditioning that makes us believe that whatever we pay is so good and on occasions we think that the higher the price the better the quality.

Times have changed and with the emergence of free software has cleared the theory that only expensive things are quality, so as that the use of content management tools based on open source software represent a relief to the economy of many individuals and companies offering excellent quality for nothing. Some content managers successful Currently there are hundreds and perhaps thousands of applications, content management, among the most prominent are: WordPress: The system industry leader in terms of creation of blogs with multiple adjustments (plugins) that allow make a website created with wordpress in a virtual store or web directory. Phpnuke: Script that allows the creation of internet portals with multiple adjustments that allow the creation of forums, chats and other "Drupal: Script developed in PHP with which you can create very robust websites that can be used for any purpose by the modular design and the large team working on the development of the script. Freeglobes: Script php / mysql for creating a web directory of companies, quite easy to install and handle excellent adjustments that allow you to change the overall design in question of seconds. Andres Sanchez

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