In St. Petersburg, construction is underway. Leader in the number of homes handed over is a seaside area, however, and several other areas are not far behind. During construction employs an enormous number of specialists. This is just the builders, finishers, installers, high-altitude climbers, drivers, engineers, foremen, superintendents, architects, electricians …

None of the major construction work can not do without surveyors. C geodetic survey of construction starts and ends with. First the survey. It captures all the objects located in the zone of potential construction. This building and the buildings, trees, ground, underground and above-ground communications, and roads. It is mandatory to display topographic maps of terrain features.

In the course of construction surveying are executive surveys. They are necessarily made after the end of each stage of construction work ranging from digging the foundation pit. The purpose of the executive is a comparison of actual filming of the completed project with project, identify deviations, if any, were made and, accordingly, their timely removal. When laying railways, roads, tunnels, pipelines, and underground parking are also turning to surveyors and surveyors. A separate area of work is the examination of buildings and structures. In St. Petersburg, inspection of buildings – an urgent need, since many buildings were built hundreds of years ago and more. The purpose of examination is to determine the degree of wear of the building. Deformations of buildings can occur due to aging, exposure to water, fire, and so on. It is mandatory to buildings surveyed in renewal construction or reconstruction work after the break. Separately or in combination of the operations specialists surveying companies to shoot underground utilities. This is a complex activity, to conduct which requires a permit from the operating and supervisory authorities. Without exception, all engineering and geodetic survey carried out in a professional manner using modern equipment highly qualified specialists.

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