Construction Technologies

Windows as part of the building envelope have a significant impact on the quality of the home, playing a role in energy conservation and increased consumer cost of the building. From 30 to 50% of the surface of the walls in the building can be occupied windows, so when determining their size should consider the problem of saving energy and operating costs. From a functional point of view, the window should protect from external influence of weather conditions in different seasons, have insulating and sound insulating properties, to carry out natural ventilation and lighting different areas of the building. Through the wooden double-glazed windows can be lost more heat than through the surface of the exterior walls. Depending on the choice of construction glass, a material used strapping bindings and additional various devices such as blinds and curtains, heat loss, and hence the cost of heating the room can vary considerably.

With single-glazing heat loss during cold weather will be great, but when you double – at the expense of the air gap between the sash – much less. At the same time non-optimal distance between the glass can cause condensation, which affects the tree, destroying its structure. Today, for thermal insulation glazing is used, made of two or more sheets of glass, connected by a sealing profiles. The space between the glass sheets is filled with dry air or gas, due to this condensation is eliminated. In addition to heat and light through windows in the house will be exposed to background noise or unwanted noise. Effect of noise can reduce the flow through the glass thickness, increase of the distance between the panes, and by sealing joints. And not only are sealed arches to sash boxes, but boxes and joints with walls, shutters and window sills.

Despite the wide range of materials and the latest technology, the wood has been and remains a traditional material used in the manufacture of windows and wood windows today firmly hold their positions. This is due to the low thermal conductivity of wood, the possibility of making the desired shapes and colors and a relatively small value. Also, the advantages of natural wood windows are high strength wood at low volume weight, which ensures a high constructive quality, high frost resistance, that our climate is important, ease of handling, environmental friendliness, attractive appearance of natural materials, the ability to repair their own hands. Wooden window frames of the new generation is mainly made of pine, oak, beech, walnut, mahogany. Good wooden box with proper operation will last 50 years or more. In order to protect from moisture, sun exposure, bugs, drevotochtsev wood processed by a special protective impregnation. Wooden windows play an important role in the appearance of the building and the domestic interior, so the main criteria for determining the class of wooden windows are the finish of the surfaces refinement of profiles and color nuances of the various types of wood. Window style is determined on the basis of functionality and aesthetic considerations.

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