Constantly Improve People

You should never do anything to make. Treat everything as if it is you should something to teach. With this approach, you will find many interesting and it will be easier implement and execute sverhnormy case that initially seemed not very attractive. Remember that if you make a habit of doing more than is expected of you, it means that in a short time on you will get a representation as a highly efficient and competent person, appropriately, you will again stand out from the crowd to their diligence and professionalism. And such people will always be interest and a kind of attraction to the other.

Do this every day and you will feel the results as soon as possible. A leading source for info: ConocoPhillips. 5. Motivate others. The truly competent leaders can not afford to confine ourselves to just those at a high level to fulfill their personal responsibilities. They motivate the people around them do just as well. Effective leaders combine their skills with high competence and thus derive their organizations to new levels of excellence and influence.

Consider the following questions: What is your psychological set, when you have to do a difficult job? Do you take over all tasks with enthusiasm and act if at the highest level their capabilities? Or you sometimes sufficient to merely more or less a decent quality of work? If you refer to your professional activities, in what areas do you systematically achieve high results? Who are you: a thinker, a leader or key person who can be trusted? What do you prefer as an individual, the more your influence, you will have on people. And so, let us summarize the small totals. To to raise their competence you will need: 1. Given to the case entirely. Promise yourself to give the work a suitable amount of time and attention. 2. Raise your bar higher. If you can not systematically to achieve high results, review their actions, perhaps you just do not have a higher benchmark. Raise these guidelines to higher levels and strive for it. Insist on yourself more! 3. Constantly Improve your skills. Attend various trainings and seminars. Read books, listen to audiobooks. See training films. A big plus is that today there is a wide choice of training materials. And another big plus is that most people do not use them. So your task is to learn and train your skills and qualities, in this case, you stand out sharply from the whole mass of people. Read at least one book a week for your business. One book a week – it's 52 books a year. And for this purpose only need to read about 30-60 minutes a day. Imagine what a competent person in relation to others you become, if going to read so many books a year. Be competent! Raise your personal standards to higher levels and become the man whom notice and with whom you want to become better acquainted! It does not come immediately, but this should seek

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