Consequences Of Action

Exu is the man who lives in the street it is responsible beauties corporeal properties in the umbandista religion, likes everything good it and of optimum, it takes care of defends, aid, a friend to count itself in the alias process, warlike. Some of exus already had been living, as its Z pelintra young doctor was died with punhalada in the coasts, others exus had not known the life, for they are fragile and easy beings of if manipulating since the majority lives in constant search of its proper interests stepping on on of any one that crosses its way. The badness and the good walk of given hands, exu do not have nothing to lose since they live in the fire, all the consequncias absolutely fell on its coasts, you only ask for they make what you ask for you are as soon as you happen. It very thinks well before in what you go to ask for and if she after remembers to a life the death..

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