Conference Education

On Tuesday March 23 at 19 pm in the Delegation Principality of Asturias in Madrid, Glorieta Ruiz Jimenez 1, (San Bernardo) Madrid 28015 will be held the first debate of the conference education to transform society, a task for all. The inaugural conference will be headed by Eva Almunia, Secretary of State for Education, addressing the theme "education as a task of all." Special emphasis will be on the growing social consensus to educational issues, embodied in a shared diagnosis of a package of actions and areas of work. Make an effort to achieve it and complete it knowing that it is possible to download only the government or government outcomes. The active elements of civil society, whether teachers, parents, educational content generators, technology providers or associations, must encompass those efforts and contribute their grain of sand to the development of an education that will enhance the teaching skills of the Spanish, have the their age, and thus help to transform our society. The addition of these capabilities is done on a slow or fast, is done efficiently or expensive will have much to do with the international position of our economy. Therefore, from ASYNICO, Information and Knowledge Partnership, in collaboration with the Delegation of the Principality of Asturias in Madrid, contributes to that goal with some days of reflection that seek to influence rationalize technology resources available, from equipment and facilities to applications or networks , putting them in the service of human capital development, which is the key variable for the solution of problems. For further information: Julian Conthe ASINYCO Board Information and Knowledge Partnership

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