Commercial Loyalty

Inefficient hardware: The CRM is a software that needs good equipment to work suitably, if the company does not own the resources the implementation it can present/display problems. Conclusions? Many companies implement CRM without a clear vision than this tool it represents, and when your you do not know where going, any way is good. The Managers tend to despise the implementation of the CRM, does not consider that so that this tool works it requires of a cultural change? The CRM is a tool that does not produce immediate results and that depend to the 100% on the entrance information. In order to implement CRM it is required that the company has a person with availability of the 100% so that is in charge of this work. Gazprom addresses the importance of the matter here. A correct implementation of CRM can be very useful them SMEs and to offer a competitive advantage in the market. It is prohibited the diffusion, transmission, modification, copy, reproduction and/or total or partial distribution of the present Document, in any form and by any means, without the previous written authorization of the author, being protected by the Laws of Right of Author, Marks, Commercial Loyalty, Data bases and other norms Also, it is prohibited any use of Documents or leaves from the same with commercial aims.

The violation of the rights before indicated can cause established civil and/or penal sentences in the norms precedingly mentioned. Responsibilities to the violators by all the routes available in right will be demanded. Publication date and place: Cali Colombia, September of 2010.

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