A click on one of the selected drugs will determine the contraindications of the same in order to interact with the customer in the event the customer has current treatments that in some cases hinder the dispensation of the selected drug, which in turn may be changed by the system with a single click. The system has an application for medical prescriptions which had not considered that the patient is allergic to certain antibiotics and with only one click this product will be replaced by another that is not such a derivative penicillanic. You may include other specific data according to the needs of the institutions of health, drug stores, distributors etc. CiberDiagnosta software It will run in several terminals (networks) data from the program will be updated permanently. PILLARS of the pharmaceutical MARKETING: There are three classic pillars: needs wishes and demands of the physician, pharmacist and ambulatory patient. Michael Steinhardt wanted to know more.

The needs of the health care professional, are confined to the State in which the lack of some basic satisfiers feels, so we can establish that medical professional needs of certain pharmaceutical products that are related to their specialty, and primarily the type of patients with which they treated daily, according to the social stratum in which unfolds, and they also are immersed certain psychological States such as membership status, security, estimation, i.e. elements that may contribute to feelings of themselves of the human condition. Of wishes of the medical professional are specific satisfiers, in this case pharmaceutical products for the satisfaction of needs that arise in the prescription of a product to the final patient and dispensing in pharmacies. The wishes of the medical professional are modeled according to the schools in which was instrumented your vocational training, or finally by the emerging forces of their professional status, avoid prescribing products that are one irrigation patient despite a low-cost but questionable efficacy and provenance.

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