The pronouncement is highly debatable, because freedom of the italo-Finnish citizen, ends where begins the other many millions of citizens who want keep the presence of the cross, because this constitutes revealing evidence of their inherited identity of their ancestors. In the shadow of the same have been born, grown, played, educated and developed and feel like part of themselves, because inevitably and forever, they are already part of their lives. That street or square not have played small, in the presence of the image of a virgin or a cross? Told the Greeks that is not human inanalizada life. If we observe the fundamental principles of the five major religions of the world known: Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Hinduism, will observe, that except particularities of the sociological characteristics of peoples and the eras in which they found its origin, all of them try to give response to the enigmas of the existence of the human being: his nature; the meaning and purpose of his life; the concept of good and evil; the cause and the end of suffering; the way to happiness, death and the mystery surrounding its origin and destiny. Consciously or subconsciously, the religious feeling pervades and gives meaning to the existence of each one of us, even of those who declare themselves agnostics, because the own denial of God constitutes the implicit assertion of its existence. Religion transcends the individual; projected through their desires and goals, and is manifested in all its shares.

It is in this way is how forged a concept of life and with it a model of society. Nobody that deepen the religious fact with rigor and knowledge, can deny the penetrating and decisive influence this has had on the development of human civilization..

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