Children and Mobile Phones

Mobile phones for children: pros and cons of the last 3 years in the UK the number of children between the ages of seven to ten years, which have a mobile phone has almost doubled. In 2001, only 13% of first-graders were cell phones, but this year the figure reached 25%, ie every fourth child is cellular communication. The data published analyst firm Mintel in the UK after a survey of 2,000 children 7-10 years. Many parents believe the mobile phone of one of the necessary things to ensure the safety of the child and his own peace of mind for him. Due to the service to locate parents can check the machine, where namely their children are using their mobile phone signal. Jenny Catlin, an analyst at Mintel, said that very often the mobile phone have children who are brought up by a parent. Lifestyles of children in such families, several differs from that of children from intact families. ly agree. Often the child is torn between parents and their families.

To monitor the whereabouts of the child and always be able to contact him and handed him to parents mobile phone. However, three quarters of British parents are worried that the latest generation of phones with integrated cameras and streaming video capabilities can be unsafe for their children. Reuters has reported four out of five parents surveyed (78%) said that the new 3G-phones can make it difficult to control the child's behavior and over time, according to how he walks back streets of the Internet.

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