Central Assets

Moreover, the falls in the basic taxes of interests in planetary scale had also helped to make with that the liquidity detainers assumed greaters risks, a time that the remuneration of the headings of the government becomes less attractive. The Governments had also played important role in irrigating sectors (beyond the banks it saw Central banking) whose prize is very raised as, for example, the automotivo sector or of industrial goods. Another aspect to consider when if it has the perspective risk is that the risk is formed by two parts. A call of diversificvel risk and not diversificvel other or sistmica. The first part elapses of a constatao that if we will have a securities portfolio to the measure that we add new headings to this wallet we mitigate the risk. For hypothesis, having itself only one asset in a wallet (for example, an action of a company) the risk that if runs is very bigger will have two assets.

To the measure that more active is added to this wallet, the final risk goes diminishing until the point that if loads only the risk which is citizens all assets or the call not diversificvel risk. The important component in the 2008 crisis is what sistmico risk increased and with this the assets of the economy to a tax of return affected all more raised e, as consequence, had depressed all the prices of the assets of the economy in planetary scale. In that occasion, it can be perceived that the demanded taxes of return excessively had been increased, depressing on way the value active them. To have idea, before the crisis in the maximum point of the Stock market of New Iorque an investor who had applied US$ 14 a thousand, it would have in the end of February of 2010 the half of this value. In the Brazilian case, an investor who had applied R$ 70 a thousand in the peak of the Stock exchange of So Paulo would have on average in the February end, R$ 40 a thousand The reliable crisis was so great that the investors had run away for the gold having generated an increase from the quotations from this asset without precedents.

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