Cement Materials

According to the data, with the continued progress of industry and the increasing efforts in environmental protection, the demand for the number and variety of wear-resistant materials are constantly expanding and this industry will become more silah and have vitality. However, with the continuous development of wear-resistant materials, some industry issues emerge, bringing great impact on the development of wear-resistant materials industry.1. Large-scale manufacturing enterprises have not been formed. From the current situation, medium and small enterprises account for a large share of China s wear-resistant materials industry. Therefore, it is difficult to form a strong competitiveness in terms of scale. In recent years, as the global economic integration is constantly advancing, foreign enterprises enter the Chinese market, which makes our wear-resistant materials in the market vulnerable industry.

One of the reasons is that wear-resistant material is a kind of attached products and its profit is smaller than that of the host and many manufacturers are not willing to produce. Instead, one overseas enterprise change the traditional concept of the production of a single product in the development of strategies and begin to conduct diverse and professional production. At present, it has become the world s largest wearable material manufacturers. We can learn from its experience. 2 The intellectual property protection is not enough and imitation issues emerge in endlessly. The quickly copy of modern enterprises results in the wear-resistant materials that are reluctant to invest large cost to research and develop new technology. Because of the low profits of wear-resistant products, many companies only focus on the investment and cost of large-scale equipment.

As for the need of wear parts, in order to reduce the investment, they use high-tech to imitate other brands. For example, the imitation of the hammerhead of hammer crusher. 3 The concept of industry collaboration is weak. The wear-resistant materials industry take separation and confidentiality among peer companies in the same industry in order to capture the market alone. However, with the continuous progress of the modern business philosophy, mutual benefit has become the important factors for the development of enterprises. Wear-resistant materials industry is a new industry with rapid development in recent years. We believe that our wear-resistant materials industry will get better development space through the joint efforts of the wear parts manufacturers to overcome the existing problems to realize mutual collaboration.

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