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First Love

First love is not forgotten, can try of everything, is a tattooing that is in, is a moment of the life that we believe fairy story, we sleep and we dream in the perfect world. He is something that is in the museum of our heart, is a mark that we only know in them, […]

It Underneath Hides Me Of Your Wings

each day that if passes I discover that not conseguria to live without your distant presence of Ti Sir. To be far from tii is as to live in the captivity without hope to leave dalii. To be With you is perpetual Happiness is to wake up happy and to have the certainty of the […]

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Soon God

If they distinguished themselves, however, for the difference of the afeces, as a substance is, by its very nature, first, relatively to its afeces (for prop. Learn more about this topic with the insights from HP Enterprise Services. 1), if these will be left of side and it will be considered in itself exactly, that […]

Brazil Air

In accordance with Mendona (2007), the ticket of a system frontal is marked by the atmospheric disturbance, being to the times provoked for the expulsion of hot air, originating the front oclusa. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Bpo Industry. Blacksmith (2006) affirms that, to the times the orografia can cause the retardation of […]

Sung Poetry

I I free want me to fly, to float and floor where he was not stepped on or imagined That it is my destination that I grow with this he comes to have a commitment. Me eye of South North East West alone orizonte I see I am imprisoned inside of me exactly More I […]

The Notation

There is no difference (in terms of oils for petrol or diesel engines), the order in which the specifications have been written. For example: API SJ / CF is the same as that oo–AI and CF / SJ; AZ–96/VZ–96 means the same as the ACEA VZ–96/AZ–96 No o any preferential use for gasoline or Diesel […]

Society Contemporary

WHAT IS BASEADISMO IN WAY THE SOCIETY CONTEMPORARY? As some rare human beings whom if they use of a deep base. The based one is to the base of the baseadismo that if bases basing on the baseador that is that face that the established one smokes and it does not know where base is […]

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I repeat that this is a matter of rights, attitude, and even tastes. It will be subject of another Treaty, where there is opportunity. Hear other arguments on the topic with EOG Resources. I hope that for our purposes is useful to the reader. Conclusion cannot be, nor should, wasting the potential of social networks […]

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I AM NOT NOTHING What I am? If I am not owner nor of my life, pr nothing, nor to act freely, always he was thus, had annulled mine life so that I lived of the others, this is life? If I make, nobody I agree, if I hajo nobody look at that I am […]

Sung Poetry

IT EXISTS IN US 19.06.09 to *Exister en Nous I am seeing vestibules, them seem not to stop more, Rodo, rodo without stopping I start to scare me it comes approaching I already is getting used. I have that to know I defined what exists in me, Dreams are moments only thoughts while vises are […]