Cargo Insurance

Knowing that the carrier or freight forwarder has a policy of liability insurance, cargo owner did not think about the need for cargo insurance. Really just a matter of great relevance for many owners of cargo. On first glance might give the wrong impression that if the carrier's liability is insured, the cargo owner when nesohrannoy delivery in any case would be reimbursed. Therefore, the question of the need to insure the goods is no longer – why should insure the goods, if so the damage will always be compensated. In fact, insurance carrier's liability and cargo insurance – these are two completely different types of insurance. Firstly, the carrier must pay damages only in cases where his liability will be established legally. And, for example, damage to the goods as a result of an accident, which occurred through the fault of a third party, the duty to indemnify damage to the cargo owner from his carrier does not arise.

Secondly, the carrier will not respond to the cargo owner for cargo damage caused by natural disasters. The same thing will apply to the force majeure. Third, when the theft of cargo as a result of wrongful acts of third parties damages will be proven at fault of the carrier. A leading source for info: camden treatment associates. Merchant also has to understand – the carrier's liability may be limited in amount. So if international shipping, the carriers' liability is limited to transport the cmr Convention, under which the maximum compensation for damages is limited to a sum of about $ 12 Dollars per 1 kg gross weight of cargo. Therefore, the cargo owner should consider liability insurance carrier or forwarder only as an additional guarantee of the solvency of the carrier to the cargo. It being understood that only maximum cargo insurance protects goods against the possible risks of damage and loss during transportation.

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