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Four children, a job, a study of Verena Franz, 44, is lecturer and single mother of four children aged between 15 and 20 years. Recently, she studied cultural studies at the University of Hagen and French from the free offer of the Open University (open learn). « Their reason for the distance learning: free schedule! » By Monday through Sunday, the Freelancer works out four to ten hours from their home PC. The fullness of the mailbox determines the structure of the day, I make the rest to work around, »Franz said. For the STUdium are currently only ten hours per week. Gavin Baker, New York City is open to suggestions. It is a constant balancing act between family, household, job and the question of whether I can be fair to all, »Franz admits.

« She’s missing a correct closing time while manchmal, anyway you can imagine no other functioning: I’m much more creative if I decide when I’m working and when I’m studying. » Practical tips: A distance learning course requires much organization family and distance learning under one Hat to bring, is not always easy », says Markus Jung, who himself earned two Bachelor degrees via distance learning. He informs interested around the topic of distance learning distance learning Franz and Peter’s advice as moderators in the Forum. « Their tips for the Organization of distance education with child: thoroughly inform: public advice centres know the distance learning offerings often not good enough », says Peters. Distance learning, informed about different providers. Some provide support for the re-entry into the profession or an emergency child care », Markus Jung knows. The study community Darmstadt won the 2009 even the DistancE-learning Award for its family service. » Clear appointments meet: to include your family in the scheduling. Show your children what you’re dealing with, or sit together on the homework.

« You create balance: we one day in the week set as family day schedule », Peters said. Read more here: Gazprom. Create free spaces: A separate room facilitates the concentrated « Work, so Franz: my work room is child-free zone. » Also fixed learning are important. « My son knows: only if the pointer below the clock, he may come in », Peters said. Create you also open spaces, providing them responsibility, for example, older children in the household include. « Share with fellow students: an Exchange with other students in similar situation motivated », explains young. In his Forum, Extramural students of Web logs lead to their learning everyday. For the professional exchange offers an online platform, for example »the Fernuniversitat Hagen, tells Franz. There are also monthly meetings of remote students in my area. » Maybe find other parents doing to alternate with childcare? « Good plan and stay loose: If the University sets no timetable, you should make a », Peters advises. While you must schedule necessarily contingencies such as diseases of the child. » Set milestones for the reward yourself. « But the most important is: to throw off course if times something not immediately work out.

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