Bulk Mailing

It is therefore necessary to use a software (autoresponder) to do that task for you. 4. The title of the issue is vital to the success of your message. The title of the message should draw attention and arouse the interest of the reader into your emails to the point that you feel motivated to open it to read it. If people do not open your message it is as if they had not received it.

The title of the subject of your message should contain, in summary form, the solution of a problem or the answer to a concern of your client. There are magic words, such as: discover, learn, earn, free, opportunity etc. that powerfully attract attention of people. 5 Describes in the first paragraphs of your message the theme you are going to try to avoid that the readers of your posts become bored or lose interest. 6 Use simple and straightforward language. Don’t make the grave mistake of trying to surprise your audience using a far-fetched or too technical language. Avoid sending emails with all uppercase letters since they are difficult to read. He is the text of your messages, does not exceed 5 lines in each paragraph.

7 Make sure you sign your posts with your name and your email address so your audience will have the opportunity of knowing who you are and how communicate with you. This gives them confidence! Bulk Mailing that SPAM is the same? No, it is not the same Bulk mailing that SPAM. The word SPAM means sending unsolicited commercial emails to people you do not know and who do not have given you permission previously contact by email, while Bulk mailing is the use of a software or tool to send a mass email to your Opt-in list. In any case, it is very important to offer your subscribers the option to unsubscribe from your list or newsletter automatically.

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