Building a House

First of all, you should decide to buy already built a cottage or to build a 'house of your dreams. " As experience shows, even with the partial alteration of a building already erected there the same the same problems as in the management of construction with zero, so the acquisition of the finished dwelling does not guarantee the savings of money, time and effort. Building plot causes many questions, but most important can be considered a draft pick at home. Follow the recommendations of the Director engineering and construction companies' Probiznesstroy Vladimir Pavlovsky, considered the election of competent and complete the project country house decisive part in its construction. Providing his construction company, you will hold a tender price, and get a result well-formed construction cost estimates, which would reflect an accurate or even close to accurate construction costs. Make such estimates and commercial proposal for a conceptual design that is actually a drawing, really impossible.

Experience shows that the sketch variant is already under construction reveals aspects not previously recorded, actually lead to an increase construction cost in half, and sometimes twice. These financial shocks developer can not always be ready. Construction periods can be just as increased 'due to the "not ready drawings. In current conditions draft pick cottage in two ways: first – a potential homeowner chooses to build his cottage is already finished project, which specialists are adapting to the terrain, given the characteristics of the soil and blend into a landscape, the second – the developer is looking for an architect to custom design homes.

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