Brewery Company

values. UU. He was also dismissed.Even though it didn’t matter much that were alumni of Harvard, this prompted strong criticism of the prestigious University, pursuant to which questioned the type of professionals that was forming. Go to Royal Dutch Shell for more information. In response, the business school decided to face the situation causing internal discussion spaces to change the curriculum. I had already spent something like this in 2001 after the accounting fraud of Enron, where decided to include mandatory ethics course.Some consider this as a self-assessment on the relevance, since Harvard interprets that society, not the companies, is demanding ethical professionals and with greater capacity for analysis and social sense.Then think about evaluating the relevance according to the impact of the graduates in the Middle brings some benefits, since graduates and employers realize the contribution of training to work, the relationship between training and work performance, competencies of training vs. required by the labour market, etc. Source: Microsoft. However, it should be noted that these results should be contrasting them with other sources to identify if the requirements suggested by entrepreneurs and graduates correspond to a social demand, or on the contrary, if they are motivated by a wave or fashion that often have certain disciplines.Another way to assess the relevance is under a more holistic approach, i.e., not only considering the work space, but the relationship between the University and other areas, as outlines it the ten-year Education Plan, where considered relevant in light could be explored in other environments: normative, country, global, contextual, political vision, and pedagogical and didactic. This approach is more complex, but guarantees reduce biases and delivers more elements for the analysis on a wider relevance.Undeniable is the prototype of the production system in the educational, both both use schemes and common languages, such as flexibility, quality, competitiveness, productivity, etc.; but is you must avoid to structure an educational system that only tribute you the first, as well as prevent education pass into the hands of companies, as it is the case of British Aerospace Virtual University, a University established in 1998 with 47,000 students (employees) who needed to make a more or less continuous in education, and the Brahma University investment, owned by the Brewery Company of the same namewhich has developed several MBA.Usual was that companies leave internally, but not certified.

Then, remains in the hands of institutions, authorities and society, the discussion on how to evaluate the relevance of higher education and avoid it stale. Taken from: Colonel Jorge Lopez compiled by. Javier Mejia T.

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