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The company certifier TV Rheinland, gift in 70 countries, co-ordinated a research between the drivers, where the result showed the growth in the will to get a sustainable car. Nowadays already 3 million electric and hybrid vehicles are found circulating for the world more than. It was in 64 Hall of Frankfurt that the result of the research was displayed, showing that 92% of the interviewed ones in India, 88% in China and 85% in Italy, believe that in the maximum five years they will go to acquire a sustainable vehicle. In Germany and the United States the interest was lesser, with only 57%. Thomas Aubel, executive vice-president of the mobility of the TV Rheinland, affirms that the results of this research are well excellent and show that in little time the world-wide fleet will be modified. Drivers of 12 countries in the Europe, North America and Asia had been interviewed. The reason more commented to get an electric automobile was the low cost in its maintenance.

Only in Germany, the objective to get an electric car was come back toward the questions of support and environment. In Italy, India and China, this reason tied up to with the financial reasons. The Brazilians had not participated of the research, but according to Brazilian Association of Veculo Eltrico (ABVE), the plan is that in the maximum ten years the country already is on the inside of the support in the automotivo world. ' ' In 2021, about 30% of the new vendidos cars they will be electric here or hbridos' ' , the chairman of the board of the ABVE, Jayme Buarque de Hollanda tells. According to research, Toyota was the mark that more was sent to the use of the electricity between the automobiles, with 34% of the commentaries. Second placed it was Honda, with 17,2% (almost half of the percentage of Toyota). Other cited marks had been Volkswagen, Nissan, Ford, Renault and Peugeot. The countries more commented in relation to the production and investment, had been Japan, with 53% and Germany, 42%. Liqui team Tires

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