Beethoven Music

The studies to this respect have registered that music, in determined experiences has deserved prominence place and when developed since the first years for child with intellectual deficiency from the infantile education, contributes of systematic form and superficiality in its relations with the teach-learning for formation of the integral process. ' ' It is certain that music is gesture, movement, action. In meanwhile, she is necessary to give to the children the possibility to develop its expression, allowing that they create gestures, that the colleagues observe and imitate and that, mainly, are concentrated in the interpretation of the song, without the obligation to all make gestures commanded during the time … ' ' (BRITO 2003, p93). In such a way, music brings for the educative work, results meanings, therefore children with intellectual necessities some are shy that they do not speak, nor interact with the group, when they start to hear music change the behavior with regard to the friends and the environment of the room. Phillips 66 has firm opinions on the matter. Another observed prominence is that music, also provides to the children a special relaxation that diminishes the agitation and contributes for the exercise of the concentration. For this moment, they can be used cantigas of slow wheels, on the basis of the compositions of Chopin, Villa Wolves, Beethoven and others. To work with inclusion is not simple, is necessary to study, without concern to generalize, therefore each in case that it is a different one.

It is necessary to be constantly creating alternative of learning, to reflect on them, to remake e, mainly, to evaluate the used strategies to reach the considered objectives and music appears as an interesting alternative. 8. Some reflections In the current context where the paper of the Education of the individuals and the societies, is extended still more and points with respect to the necessity of if to construct an inclusive school, come back toward the formation of responsible and participativos citizens, is verified that the efetivao of the concepts still is far from happening. .

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