Automation Promotion Blog With Blogupp !

To begin with, what BlogUpp. BlogUpp – is a simple service which includes all the best to exchange links and banners. Statement from the office. Site Advantages BlogUpp service are as follows: 1. The service does not require registration and the availability of accounting record 2.

Without compromising confidentiality and eel. Mail 3. Do not want to download a banner and no effort 4. No animation and annoying ads 5. Protection against violations and honest exchange of 6.

Support for WordPress platform, and many other 7. Provision of targeted readers 8. Everyone gets bonus impressions from the start 9. Best value for exchange (10 to 9) Principles of BlogUpp: * BlogUpp! takes a snapshot of the blog and regularly reads the RSS * The image displayed on your blog other sites of users of our service * Picture blog is accompanied by a fresh article from your blog * Every 10 hits on your blog, generate nine hits your blog on other sites * The same banner is added to your site, relevant only afishiruya blogs (see right) and articles (move the widget) * Click on the widget, the blog will open in a new window, not closing your blog * And it is absolutely free and without any effort at registration service BlogUpp absent only need to enter the address of your blog, then the service will provide you with the code necessary to install a blog. Installation of WordPress is easy. Just go to control panel WordPress, then create a new text widget and paste the code that gave you the service BlogUpp. After installing the code on your blog to pass some time. Learn about what your blog is accepted into the system or not, you can strip the color under the inscription BlogUpp. 1. Gray means that your blog taken up by 2. Blue color – part blog approved 3. Red – blog refused to participate. That's basically it. have to wait until your blog is approved by the system. To access the statistics necessary to have a OpenID. If you are using WordPress for your blog, then OpenID sure you already have. (OpenID: Part of an interview with co-founder Butch BlogUpp Valero (Valer Batcu) How did you get the idea of creating BlogUpp? Bloggers are busy people, and we understand that. While given more time to write more quality content and networking with other bloggers, do not have time to promote your blog in the network, which is an important factor. In the network some services available to promote blogs, but they also take some time, such as filling out forms and clicking on the banners. The idea came to support the bloggers that they can create additional visibility with no additional effort and time to use was simple and effective. So we've created BlogUpp, which is available to any blogger simply by adding interactive elements into your blog, even without registering to the service. What has been your biggest challenge in the process of development? Although the main goal was to keep the concept as simple as possible, without having to bloggers to register a lot of detail, we realized that there must be a way to authenticate when it started to go on access, such as statistics. After careful analysis, a solution was found in the integration with OpenID. Now all the bloggers can get access to the statistics by simply entering their address of your blog, without any additional settings.

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