Auto Brazilian Waxing

Sometimes getting an appointment in a good beauty salon where perform optimal procedures for Brazilian waxing can be very complicated, the wait could be long and the results may not be expected. In this article you will learn to apply an ideal procedure for Brazilian waxing with your own hands, so never again will have the need to go to a full beauty salon and wait your turn to attention. Auto Brazilian waxing procedure: first of all you should have on hand the necessary accessories for this procedure. The materials are a box of cold wax, a spatula, an electric heater and disposable strips to remove wax after its application. All this can be found in any cosmetic store. Make a good cleaning of the skin to remove the fat from the skin, especially in the area where they held the Brazilian waxing. At this stage you should start heating with electric heater cold wax.

This slope of the wax so that not to overheat much, since you can reach easily burn exposed skin. When this wax in a prudent temperature starts to apply in the area to be treated, use the spatula which spread in the meaning and direction of the hair growth. Place disposable Strip over the wax. Press Strip with your hand in the direction of the hair growth. Hold one end with your hand and pull it out once in the opposite direction to the hair growth. You will feel a sudden and acute pain. The pain goes away in a couple of seconds.

The latter is the basic step of the auto removal. Even professionals follow these instructions for Brazilian waxing in beauty salons. Follow these steps to remove hair from any part of the body, this includes your hands, chest, back, legs, so most you will never need to use the painful legend. Original author and source of the article

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