Asterisk Linux

The importance of enterprise level telephony is evident. Therefore, every advance in this service is crucial to the sector. The universalization of the Internet has made possible the development and generalization of IP telephony, a technology that allows the integration of the voice and data communications in a network based on IP protocol. The result is a more efficient and economical solution that allows to satisfy business needs in communication. This low cost centralized communications system is based on various software PABX, as for example Asterisk. This free software application allows you to manage the communications from the company and includes many features that were previously only available in cost proprietary PBX systems such as voicemail, conferences, interactive response by voice or automatic call distribution. Asterisk emphasizes the broad advantages offered by this free IP telephony software: cost savings on telephony, viable free software with Linux, various programmatic options, easy maintenance, among others. Codec g729 free Asterisk Linux installation John Olive doesn’t matter that software is free, but it is good reduction of costs with IP telephony Press releases Hispanotas

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