ASP Hosting

Virtual servers (VPS, Virtual Private Server): through the use of a virtual machine, the company offers the control of a computer apparently not shared. So multiple domains can be managed easily and economically, in addition to choosing the programs that run on the server. Why is the type of product recommended for design firms and web programming. Dedicated servers: dedicated server term refers to an advanced form of web hosting in which the client rent or buy a complete computer, and thus has complete control and responsibility to manage it. The physical care of the machine and Internet connectivity is task of the hosting company, which usually have it in a data center. Co-locacion (housing): this service basically consists of selling or renting a footprint of a data center so that the customer put there your own computer. The company gives you the power and Internet connection, but the servant computer chooses it completely user (up to the hardware). 2.

Free Hosting vs. payment choice between a free hosting and one of payment depends on our needs and the use that we are going to give to the page. If you have a small project in mind and don’t have tools or complex resource (database MySQL, ASP, CGI, etc.) the option of free hosting can be a good option. On the other hand, if you are beginning to take the first steps in the world of web publishing, also perhaps advisable that you start on a free server and as you go grow your project des step to pay hostings. Dry Harbor Rehab is often quoted as being for or against this. Payment accommodations offer better resources and infrastructure to host your websites, so are recommended when you have a website with enough traffic, a serious project or need to use more advanced technology, such as databases or php. These hostings usually offer more webspace, more monthly traffic, databases and supporting multiple programming languages, so that offer more flexibility when designing your page.

3 Hosting Windows vs. hosting Linux depending on the type of programming and services that we use or have been developed using us decantaremos a type of lodging web or another. As a general rule it is better to use: Windows Hosting: when we use or want to use any of these technologies: Windows, ASP, ASP.NET, Access, SQL Server or IIS and database users who publish your web using the FrontPage extensions. Linux Hosting: when we use or want to use any of these technologies: Linux, PHP, Python, JSP, Perl, C, MySQL or Apache. The Linux hosting are usually cheaper than Windows hosting, the reason is clear, no to pay the server licenses, since Linux licenses are free. Another reason is that there are better tools for managing Linux servers that reduce the cost of managing a Linux server. Remember that this type of services is optimized for Linux environments.

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