You have decided to put an antenna, but could not choose which one. Consider what might be the antenna. tv is broadcasting and satellite. Essential antennas allow you to view channels air mesh broadcast with Ostankino tv tower for free. All types of etheric antenna installed outside the premises: balconies and loggias, on rooftops, in backyards. Image quality under difficult reception conditions depends on the type of antenna from its mounting location.

Simple antenna (with a small number of elements) are good at short distance from the television center. High gain antenna (with a large number of elements) are effective on a large away from the television station or with a significant level of interference. For admission into the far field or long cable connecting the antenna to the tv, and if you want to branch a signal from the antenna for several tv, you must use an active (containing a television signal amplifiers) antenna. If the reception conditions are difficult – television stations located in different directions, the power of their transmitters and distances to them are very different – to get good images, you must install an antenna system consisting of multiple antennas with different directional characteristics, filtering, amplification. If Do you live outside the reliable reception of television channels (in principle, it is the territory of Russia, located some distance from the Ostankino), the satellite television – it's tv for you. tv signal is transmitted directly from the satellite on your plate that delivers excellent quality of all digital broadcast transmissions.

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