Angeli Rose

For Angeli Rose* If to sail she is necessary, this communication so only desires to communicate, that is, to become common for this action a loving feeling before the announced after-after-modern that we are witnessing, when intent, between formations, conformations, deformations, information and transformations, of forms and action of that we are desassogados objects and citizens, or in another way, when we are dessubjetivados in the processes of communication in way to the concurrence of rebellious sorts in the contemporaneidade. Literal, corporal sorts, at last, sorts and corporeidades. The temporality as index of ' ' agora' ' at the same time as a trace of esvaziamento of this. The agoridade returns as subject and is present in interlocutors who if recognize as inadequate in relation to this exactly present. Thus, we can think on images and images of literature about the courses of letters and the cursors of the navigators; to still reflect on images of Brazilian literature and the limits spilled between borders of expressions. We are to hear ' ' the love is in ar' ' , for example, and we above all identify that the sites of relationships had never made the using citizens of the net to write in such a way between itself, and all, and mainly on itself.

A writing that it does not intend to make an impression for the aesthetic one and neither is worried about estilsticos resources; a writing that can do without or not literary citations, but makes case of them and with them. However, the small farms of and on literature increase to each day and if they sophisticate in its forms of presentation, reads seduction, in order to catch and to coptar reading for these. The insurgncia seems to be outside of the intentions of ' ' novas' ' expressions, at the same time are found as way to give visibility to that they produce.

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