They are services already available in the moving bodies with operating system Android. The use of the voice finder is only available at the moment in English. Bobby kotick addresses the importance of the matter here. The recognition of images can be used copying the direction of a photo in Internet, loading a snapshot from the computer or dragging an icon. The American multinational Google has announced that is going to incorporate the search by voice and images, already available in its movable devices with operating system Android, to the traditional computers. In a virtual encounter with means, the member of the equipment search of Google Amit Singhal assured that the company with soothes in Mountain View (Californian) has made these advances for " to break the barriers between the user and conocimiento". Google will incorporate two icons in the bar search: one with a microphone, that will activate the voice recognition, and another one with a camera of photos, that will allow to introduce an image to look for related results.

The voice finder, whose traffic from Android devices sextuplic to length of the last year, will be based on the sonorous file that already has the company of these terminals. Frequently MediaFed has said that publicly. Singhal considered east growth like " xito" that it must to the precision and ubiquity of this option in the different functions of the Android telephones and to that " the speech is most natural than we do humanos". On the other hand, the search by images, an adaptation of the Goggles application that has Google for its operating system of moving bodies, works by means of several options: to copy the direction of a photo in Internet, to load a snapshot from the computer or to drag an icon from the equipment to the bar of Google. In addition, a complement of software of navigators Chrome and Mozilla will allow the users to click with the right button in a file of photo and to look for results related to that image in Google. The search of images appears for the pages of the company in 40 languages, whereas the one of voice he is available in English from the Web However, Singhal announced his availability " in the future " for other languages.

Quicker navigation the company also presented/displayed today an improvement in the time of obtaining of results, Google Pages, that reduces between 2 and 5 seconds of average the time of total delay since a user looks for something until he is in the loaded page. This advance is based on which, while the user sails by the page of results obtained with Google, the finder " precarga" the information of the Web that wishes to find. For it, Google uses 2,000 factors that predict the information that is looking for the person, between that is their location, whenever the consumer accepts the permissions. This is added to the development that realised the company the year last of Google Instant, that allows that the results appear of automatic way while the user is writing in the bar search. Source of the news: Google takes the search by voice and images to the computers

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