American Superconductor Corp

This can be pretty well describe as an example of high temperature superconductivity. The discovery of ceramic materials took place in Europe. Since then, 20 years are past. From 1989 to 2001, several hundred million euros were invested in Germany. Withdrew the big firms such as Siemens in parts and materialise the expected success, the programme was discontinued. In contrast, the activities in the United States on the Government side are high, as well as in China. The new founded in 1989 by American Superconductor Corp.

( has now 400 employees and is listed on NASDAQ as of 1992. Would have it given in Germany not the activities of former Siemens employees, who founded the FA. Trithor ( ZenergyPower now), then we would continue hardly a key technology. Particularly high affinity of founder of American and Chinese capital market is impressive. Here a new culture at the person in charge should be built, because the interest of German researchers and results is very high.

So are also the founders of Cisco of more researchers and no capital market experts, but the proximity has led to investors just to this success story. Basically we can’t get at Cisco, because since the beginning of the industrial revolution, companies such as Siemens, Phillips, AEG, Alcatel had the core competence in data transmission and in the telecommunications sector. Taking into account the mobile market is striking also here that companies such as Siemens have difficulties to operate successfully in new markets with strong connections to marketing and consumers. On the other hand German medium-sized companies are very successful in the IT and pharmaceutical market. Their services are marketed globally and are in strong demand. Often their R & D resources are very limited, want they arrive not a high entrepreneurial risk. Applies also to start ups, who first need to generate cash to meet investors. One consequence might be that Germany invested heavily in R & D, but receives too little profit and market power back. The result would be wealth, knowledge and more investment gaps. If you want to know more about strategies in innovation management, please visit us at. Dr. B. Hansen, manzel & Himmerich consulting partner

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