Alex Kouri

The candidate already knows how much you will earn in this work. Then it is assumed that you should not have as heavy a burden on your family budget. And that the salary of President should you reach to live comfortably during their five years of Government. For example: who writes these lines, you could quietly be President, because this salary is more than enough in my family budget. It would have even the opportunity to save and collect much money in five years. To such an extent that at the end of the mandate could put a modest business to continue subsisting. What you think about the idea? Also would be good is to find out what the family budget of all the candidates for mayor, as the Presidency?, and see if he would reach them then the salary of Office who want to reach.

But could be the case that these people have businesses that continue running and giving them economic resources during his tenure. But this would imply danger with conflicts of interest in power. The matter is not so easy. Alex Kouri, does not believe in polls, says that they do not reflect reality in the electorate. Polls are on one side, and the reality goes another, as happened in Colombia. Jaime denies it. It’s a losing idea, because Lourdes is winning and climbing in the polls Alex says that elections are set days before the election.

Jaime again you remind of the toll. Alex says that she loves Managing in chaos. It also says that they have tried it and never they sentenced for any crime. Hence if Jaime rightly expresses that that does not mean, that he is not guilty. Fujimori they never found the stolen money. Alan also. This rather shows that it is a pilluelo that leaves no traces of his crime. Others, bought the judgments in our judicial system. Finally, Jaime alludes to the is well excited to become candidate for the Presidency, but has no party to welcome it with their progressive ideas (progressives, according to him), then the salary of President would not reach him. Then requests money to his mom, the legacy of his uncle. Also, says has no sufficient funds saved, to stop work and devote himself to the Presidency. Then ask for economic help owner Baruch Ivcher channel, or otherwise that cease it work as shooter franco during the campaign.

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