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To take the power is a form to assume of what already it is formed, alimentandoo then so that it continues to exist. The attempts to change the world conquering the State they had been failed and Hollaway (2003, P. 32/312), affirms that, during more than one hundred years, the dreams of transformation of the society had been canalized for the bureaucracy, by means of the definition of guided strategies paa the construction of a party, for the establishment of forms to discipline the fight of classrooms, for the use of the electoral rules and for the occupation of ranks politicians in the sphere of the State, or for the fight armed. These strategies, in the opinion of the author, when victorious people had exactly revealed, had discharged in the triumph and the reinforcement of the capitalist social relations. What it failed is the idea by that the revolution means to take the power to abolish the power. … the only way of if imagining the revolution now is as the dissolution of the power, not as its conquest (HOLLAWAY, 2003, P.

37) the FSM, constitutes the fight of a world without excluidos, the example of the historical resistance of the peoples against all the type of oppression in all history of the humanity. With conceptual and strategical advances. The three first world-wide meeting, whose subject was: ' ' one another world is possvel' ' , they had been given in 2001, 2002 and 2003, in Brazil, carried through in Porto Alegre, and became a permanent process in search of alternatives the neoliberal politics. It passed then to be itinerante, being the following ones carried through in Bombay, India; in 2005 Porto Alegre; 2006 in Caracas, Karachi and Bamako; 2007 in Africa and 2008 were decentralized; in 2009 it came back to occur in Brazil, but in Belm of Par.

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