Ad Verbum

CHL provides a full range of translation services, but it is rather nice addition to the general scheme of work than the main type of activity. Although the linguistic spectrum deserves special attention – some 35 languages, including rare ones. Important note from the user – because of the abundance of programming 'widgets' site a bit 'Brakes'. Place on the third page, found for himself and the site of translation 'Ad Verbum'. Attention to the site attracts a colorful design with your favorite cartoon character – a parrot Keshi.

Site navigation is simple and uncomplicated. From the home page, which tells about the advantages of working with BP, you can get to the pages devoted to topics of translations, rates, vacancies and contact information. In the linguistic spectrum BP 'Ad Verbum' is about 30 languages. The most common languages tariffs are fixed, but for the translation from / into rare languages will have to pay 'as agreed'. Nice addition – an opportunity to switch to on-line. Fell on the third page of 'young and dynamic 'company' Thesaurus'. Translation Bureau provides its clients with traditional services: oral, written and on-line translation, notarization of translations and apostille. 'Custom' approach 'Thesaurus' view special offers for corporate clients, translating for companies engaged in import / export, restaurants and literary activities.

Appearance of the site zauryaden and static, but navigation on it is available and the full 'teapots'. Closes Top 30 'Intourist – BP'. 'Face' site, as they say, 'without distinguishing marks', the same can be said about the navigation. Any nice addition in the form of entertaining or informative articles site is not pleased. No difference 'Intourist', and a wide range of translation services – a total of 20 languages. Additional activity PSU – tourism, moreover, limited to Turkey, Egypt and the UAE. But, as potential client or a guest, you can send an e-mail communication with BS suggestions or feedback, do not forget to specify your contact information. That came to an end internet review sites involved translation into foreign languages. Maybe someone of the readers will meet friends from previous articles 'person'. The purpose of this paper is to compare the corresponding 'look' with the results of telephone responses. You can draw their own conclusions, read all three articles about the 'theory of first impression. " Source: Suitcase

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