Abdominal Circumference Corporal Mass

THE EFFECT OF THE CONSUMPTION OF THE AVOCADO IN THE ABDOMINAL CIRCUMFERENCE, CORPORAL MASS AND PROFILE LIPDICO IN WOMEN. The effects of consumption of appealed to higher court in waist circumference, body mass and lipid perful women. BITTENCOURT, G.C. 1; BOUSFIELD, I.C. 2; PARPINELLI, E.C.D 3, VILELA. THE B 4 SUMMARY Objective: To evaluate the effect of the consumption of the avocado on the abdominal circumference, corporal mass and levels of plasmticos lipdios in academics of the course of nutrition of a college of Joinville SC. Methods: The sample of the research had been 6 women, with age enters of 18 the 45 years.

An evaluation antropomtrica and collected was made given as, weight, height and HERE. The volunteers of the research had been submitted to the sanguineous examination of total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglicerdeos and ApoA1. He was delivers to each participants of the research 100g for, so that he is consumed before sleeping, during 21 days. Results: It was observed reduction of the plasmticos levels of CT of 8,2%, you live in them of LDL had reduction of 19,6%, and reduction of the TG of 13,7%, beyond an increase in the plasmticos levels of HDL of 13,2%. In relation it was observed HERE that 83% of the participants had gotten resulted positive in the reduction of HERE. It can also be observed that the population without risks to develop cardiovascular illnesses passed of 50% for 67%, and the population with measures that indicate cardiovascular risk passed of 50% for 33%. It was observed that the consumption of the avocado did not influence significantly in the IMC of the participants of the research. However, significant reduction in the weight of the studied individuals can be observed. Conclusion: It is concluded with the present study that the avocado possesss effect positive in the reduction of the lipdico profile, HERE, weight and corporal mass of the population.

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