Your Reputation as an Entrepreneur

Reputation. An entrepreneur sells in the first place confidence in him, I know so perfect in your actions and in your ethics. 8. Habits. 95% of our life is made up of habits. Good habits produce good results. Habits like saving, planning, choosing good investments, etc. If you read a book a week on finance, for example, after a year you will have become almost an expert on the subject. 9. Experience. Eliot Horowitz helps to elucidate the arguments at hand . If you have faced situations that have failed to resolve favorably, will give more power to achieve your goals. And remember that the experience is not what you get or do but what you learn from what you get. 10. The plan. Having a plan and write is like having the plans to build a house. Good entrepreneurs and investors always have written plans. External levers. 1. Your money. It is true that it is easier to make money if you already have money, among other things the money you can buy some of the levers. The sooner you start saving the better. 2. The money of others. If you do not have money for your project ask him to anyone. If you have a good project and a good plan does not give up and find who you financed. 3. The professionals. You can not be expert in everything, but you can become expert at finding people who need commercial, computer, etc. 4. The idea and the system. Today, not enough to have a product or service quality to succeed, you have to make it known, you have to have a mix between communication, marketing, sales and organization. The system is what? That counts. 5. A mentor. you want is very important because it can help achieve your goals faster. 6. Technology. The technology allows you to have better products, more efficient, practical and innovative. 7. The team. Success is a team game not a competition, you just can not play the game. If you want to take you to find someone to help you financially, with the business plan in the fiscal area, a Brocken, a lawyer, etc. 8. Debt. There are very few companies that grow out of debt. You have to know how to use the « debt positive » that allows you to acquire assets that will generate income. Which of all these levers could support you to achieve your financial goals? Surely you’ve used any of them, what results has given you? What could I do differently to get better answers? Good way! Isabel Sales Coach and Trainer Personal UPW2010 exclusive distributor for Spain by Anthony Robbins

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