Yaracuy State

Historical review: The hairless buns are a typical and popular dish both for its simplicity and for its exquisite taste. It is consumed throughout the country, but those made in San Felipe, Yaracuy State of pork enjoy fame. The most common preparation is with filling of meat, and sometimes of fish, but they are always bathed in tomato sauce. In the middle of the last century, hairless buns were considered a meal typical of the middle class in the country, although today all actually eat them alike. Ingredients for the stew: 2 pounds ground beef 2 pounds of ground pork 4 tablespoons olive oil 8 cloves of garlic crushed 1 onion, finely chopped 1 scallion thinly cut 1 red pepper finely cut 2 finely cut green pepper 12 peppers finely cut sweet 1 sprig of coriander finely cut tablespoon of cumin 4 eggs cooked and crushed salt and pepper to taste ingredients for the sauce: 2 Tablespoons olive oil 8 cloves of garlic finely cut 2 onions cut into julienne strips (strips) 6 peppers finely cut 6 tomatoes counted in small cubes quarter cabbage finely cut 1 tablespoon onotado oil Salt and pepper to taste ingredients for the dough: 2 pounds of White maize flour precooked 7 cups water salt to taste. Preparation of the stew: Place the olive oil in a skillet; incorporate the previously crushed garlic; Saute for a minute incorporates the meat and pork and cook for 8 minutes add onions, peppers, peppers, cilantro, cumin, salt and pepper stir fried until crystallized onion; make sure that the dish is dry. Add boiled eggs and mix to unify all ingredients remove the stew from the fire; reserve in a bowl of Salsa preparation: place the olive oil in a pan together with the onotado oil; incorporate the previously crushed garlic; Saute for a minute Add onion and peppers; Saute for three minutes on medium heat low, until onion crystallize incorporate shelled tomato finely cut; Saute for another 3 to 4 minutes Add the cabbage and stir to unify all the sauce ingredients; Cook for 3 minutes correct salt and pepper sauce; reserve for later use of mass preparation: in a bowl, place the flour and salt; slowly add water while mixing with the other hand knead well, until a firm, smooth, homogeneous and smooth let mixture stand for one 4-5 minutes preparation of hairless buns: divide dough into more or less medium-sized balls (a little smaller than the hand grip) take one of the dough balls, and with a finger, open hole or a hole to the center of the ball or sphere enter the stew, with the help of a teaspoon; close the hole with the same mass part; perform the same operation for each of the remaining dumplings in a large saucepan, boil water; Enter the buns and cook until float remove and drain with a slotted spoon or strainer into a skillet, place a portion of the sauce the rest is reserved for the presentation of the dish and rehogue hairless buns; Cook by one 8-10 minutes over medium under Presentacion de el Plato heat: put a bucket of sauce in a shallow dish, making sure to cover all the flat part of the same place on jumps it two hairless buns; bathe them in a sauce garnish with a sprig of cilantro or parsley Tips: can vary the form of kneading, placing all of the water and salt in a bowl; go then incorporating the flour little little stirring the mixture, until the dough reaches desired consistency.

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