Window Repair

Plastic windows have the following advantages over traditional wood: 1. The relative cheapness compared with high-quality wooden windows. 2. Effective conservation of heat. This is due to the use of triple-pane windows and the corresponding design profile, which has a thermal insulation airbags. 3. Tightness.

Plastic window shows through even when not windy. Dvuhpoyasnaya system seal using a special polymer sealant reliably frost insulates the heated room. 4. Functionality and usability. Properly installed plastic windows do not require You focus a lot of years. Appearance of windows for many years remain as attractive as immediately after installation. Completely eliminating the need for additional insulation windows for the winter (foam, paper, wall paper, etc.).

They do not require periodic painting. Plastic windows are very strong. Inside the plastic profile is supporting framework of galvanized steel profile, which defines the durability and stability of the window design. 5. Window fittings with complex mechanisms to control leaf with several locking devices with a single knob. In addition, you will never be locked on your own balcony, as provides for a special outdoor pen on a balcony unit. 6. Two-plane opening of the valves. In this case, the same sash windows can swing open as usual and opened as a transom. 7. Operation PVC construction does not involve the use of special tools. Sufficiently cleaned periodically with a solution profile and leaf powder, soap or detergent containing no abrasives, acetone or solvents. 8. Plastic window is very durable. The test results proved the immutability of characteristics of the profile for over 20 years of operation of the conditional. Service company "Oknaservis" – the leader in providing quality services for the repair and maintenance of windows, balcony doors, structural glazing and conservatories at the facilities in Kiev and Kiev region. Staff professionalism and dedication to their work enabled the company to take a strong leadership position in this segment of service. Any order, regardless of its size, has received increased attention of all employees.

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