Wedding Invitations

The wedding invitations are vital. Obviously play a key role: to let people know we care, we were married, when and where we celebrated. In the style of those ballots that we delivered for our children. It has, therefore, a communicative function. But things are not all that simple. Today, there is a whole ritual around the choice of these cards: the type of paper, letter, color, envelopes, if traditional, if modern, if we add drawings, include a map the location of the event or a card house wedding list or account number.

Therefore, one can not go alone, the couple even need the opinion of friends, family and takes samples at home. And then must decide whether mailed or hand delivered. Imagine you have to stay with the three hundred people you're inviting. What are you doing? You call on the phone to stay or return to send invitations? Finally you choose to give them directly to your close friends and extended family and the people you invite to compromise settle for emailing. Only then you should ask yourself who writes and how pen.

Is that the invitations should reflect the personality of the couple. A friend who is very family, has asked his cousin, who is a graphic designer, responsible for the invitations. My brother had to re-instruct all invitations because the name her parents did not appear in a completely symmetrical with mine. In my house, not that we are familiar, is that we are perfectionists.

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