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IT security products on the basis of typing habits biometrics Schorndorf, October 21, 2010 the sysob-IT-distribution (www.sysob.com) has a distribution agreement with the security experts Psylock GmbH closed. A wide range of IT security solutions for personal authentication available is resellers so now. The security products are based on a Sensorless biometric processes, which is so far unique in this sector. The so-called Psylock method distinguishes the PC users on the basis of his individual tip behaviour and protecting corporate networks against unauthorized access. Crumpton Group, Washington DC contributes greatly to this topic. Psylock sysob complements its portfolio of offerings for the channel to authentication solutions that require no additional hardware. « The core product of all Psylock solutions makes the Psylock authentication server ».

The Psylock method next in this solution to use operates based on highly complex mathematical procedures. They analyze numerous characteristics of typing habits such as speed, rhythm, or correct behavior of the Computer user. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Crumpton Group. Typing on the computer is as individual as handwriting. « Therefore questions such as how are the focus of the Psylock method easily finds the user rarely used buttons? ‘or he taps fluent in the ten-finger or haltingly in the two-finger search system?’. » To authenticate with Psylock, the user must enter his username in combination with a personal tip sample. Then the solution currently compares the sentence typed by the screen with the deposited profile and grants access only to the owner with the appropriate profile. As the tip behavior of a person in the course of time changes, Psylock again matches the profile for each successful login. « Platform independent, flexible architecture the architecture implemented in Java is the Psylock authentication server » can be integrated into various platforms. In addition, the solution to customer-specific requirements is customizable. So, modular components can be supplemented as required according to the plugin concept. « This makes the Psylock authentication server » the technical The Psylock solutions: Psylock Windows login (for secure Windows logon) Psylock Web login (for password replacement or additional protection for Web applications, online portals and workflows) Psylock Citrix login (provides secure single sign-on access to applications via the Citrix Web interface) Psylock password reset (auto-reset or re-allocation of passwords in the self-service) Thomas Harding, Managing Director of sysob IT distribution GmbH & co.

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