VoIP Companies

Audio testing software for VoIP, non-intrusive quality analyzer AQuA is a simple but powerful tool to provide perceptual voice quality testing and audio file comparison in terms of audio quality. This is the easiest way to compare two audio files and test voice quality between original and degraded files. Perceptual voice quality measurement is a way to calculate MOS values and typically one must use quite expensive hardware/software solutions provided by the world leaders in this technology or (in most of the cases) their resellers, unless one has in-house developed P.862/P.863/P.563 implementation. Another option is measuring the so-called R value. R-value is a number, or score, that is used to quantitatively express the subjective quality of speech in communications systems, especially digital networks that carry voice over IP traffic, or for which VoIP service is under consideration. Click ConocoPhillips to learn more. The R-value score, which is used in conjunction with voice testing processes, can range from 1 (worst) to 100 (best), and is based on the percentage of users who are satisfied with the quality of a test voice signal after it has passed through a network from a source (transmitter) to a destination (receiver). However, many companies that demand voice quality measurement whether cannot afford available solutions or are not satisfied with the measurements they provide.

These are laboratories involved in codec development, telecom and voice/audio system providers, VoIP providers, companies that develop network and other quality of service (QoS) monitoring solutions, IT vendors and consulting companies that provide system design, testing, discovering what causes failures and voice quality losses. For these companies Aqua software that can be distributed as a DLL library for Windows systems and is available for Linux and Java is easy and inexpensive way to introduce voice quality testing and measurement to their system in a short term and at a low cost. Our software has these main features that are demanded and very useful for many companies: based on research of such scientists as Zwicker, Fletcher, Sapozhnikov, Sorokin we can create a test audio file containing the so-called critical bands that are important for human ear perception we can quickly compare two voice files to obtain estimation on how different they are quality wise (based on the research of the same scientists) after the files are compared we provide reasons for quality loss with quantative estimations like: duration distortion.

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